For Speakers, Coaches, Consultants, Authors & Entrepreneurs Hungry To Hit 6-Figures From Speaking!

UPCOMING EVENT: Thursday, April 28th, 2022 | 12-4 pm EST

Discover This 3 Step 'Booking System' We Use To Help Our Students Get Unlimited Paid Speaking Gig Leads

During The

"Get Paid To Speak - Paid Gig Accelerator"...

We Will Pull Back The Curtains Of The Public Speaking Business To Show You Exactly How I Have Helped My Clients Make 6-Figures Their First Year As A Paid Speaker...

Getting Booked & Paid For Speaking On Stages Around The World Isn't Magic Or Luck. You Have To Know This Business, And I'm Going To Give You The Same Proven Strategies & Methods That I Have Used For The Last 24 Years To Be A High-Paid Public Speaker!


I’ve Talked To So Many Speakers, Coaches, Authors, & Entrepreneurs Who Are Constantly Struggling To Get Booked AND PAID To Speak.

The PGA Masterclass Reveals The REAL Keys To launching and growing a successful speaking business where they get booked to speak on major stages and they get paid their worth.

Most speakers get caught up in the challenges of the "pay-to-play" or "sell from the stage" speaking models where their income is dependent on their ability to close the audience.

What I teach about this industry and the tools and resources I provide, NOBODY else is doing it... Join us for the Get Paid To Speak - Paid Gig Accelerator Masterclass and you'll have everything you need to be successful in this business!

Did you know that there is a shortage of public speakers? That's right, every single day there are over 64,000 events in North America that PAY PUBLIC SPEAKERS! What if you had a proven system and method to find these events?

My team and I are putting on this Live Virtual Event so I can give you the exact method and system that I have used for the last 24 years to be a high-paid public speaker. Not only will you be able to find gigs, but I'll be helping you discover how much you should be paid and other secrets of the industry.

So say goodbye to "pay-to-play" or even the "selling from the stage." You deserve to be paid for your knowledge, experience & expertise and you should be paid what you are worth.

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